Salon In Alambagh

In the current world women are not only concerned about their facial beauty men also stay worried about their looks. If it is regarding to looking beautiful all day then it is the common feeling in both genders. It is correct that men always projected as tough guy but Nowadays men also adopted the culture of salon and they also visit to salon to avail the services like manicure, pedicure and waxing. Kirti makeup studio isthe best salon in Alambagh so they know that the services provided to men and women are 90 percent similar. Kirti makeup studio providing you some makeup tips. They are discussed underneath. As CTM is essential for women in same way it is also essential for men also. CTM stands for cleansing moisturizing toning. These three things are essential for both genders. Cleansing toning and moisturizing is essential because it keeps your face skin hydrated and exfoliates the dead skin. A hydrated skin is the sign of good health of that person and the glow of the hydrated skin remains for long time.

For men dead skin removal is necessary so it will be better if you use scrub one to two times in a week to exfoliate the dead skin from your face. Scrub removes all the dirt from the face and makes the skin clean. In men when you do scrub then it does not only clean the skin it softens the hair follicles by which when you do shave then you get a smooth shave on your face.

The area under eye de hydrates soon and wrinkles and dark circles starts from there so to prevent from wrinkles use some hydrating cream for eye. It will keep the skin soften and hydrated by which you will not face the wrinkle on your face. The best use of this eye cream is every morning before waking up from bed.

Kirti Jotwani Salon is the best place to rejuvenate your senses. It is place, where we provide services for both men and women. And you will find the atmosphere of sophistication with modern amenities.


We provide you many services like Haircut, Facial, Waxing, Threading, Spa, Shaving, Trimming, Bridal makeup, Hair highlighting, Nail art, Manicure and Pedicure. Our staff offers your different kind of alternative services according to your need and preferences so that you feel completely relaxed and satisfied. At our salon in lucknow, we use a product that has been chosen very carefully for their advanced properties and quality. If you are looking for a place where you get pampered in the luxury we are the right choice for you. The environment here is very quiet and our staff is very friendly with their customers. Kirti Jotwani and her professional expert provide you look according to the latest fashion & trend and which style or makeover will suit your face and personality. Because a right hairstyle or makeup can make a difference in your look. It can transform your personality from average to desirable look.

Our whole staff put their extensive efforts towards their profession and make sure that to give you the best look and services. We also offer premium services to our customers which make the customer happy and they visit us again. We give elevating and vivacious looks to our clients and transform them at another level. Our versatile range of services is rendered by our professional and are designed to give impeccable and courteous services to meet the higher standard. Being a best salon in Alambagh we has made the marks not only in the business industry but also in customer mind and heart. We value the belief and trust of the customer vested in us. The convenience and comfort of customer is our first and last priority. We have created fully furnished furniture and comfortable environment inside. Therefore the services that we will provide to you will be tailored to cater the need of you.